Emmitt House - Best Ever!

Last night my husband and I took took my mother and father to dinner at the Emmitt House in Waverly, Ohio, for my mom's birthday. This was a favorite restaurant of ours when I was a little girl growing up in Chillicothe. We each ordered the Prime Rib and it was honestly the best-tasting, high quality prime rib dinner I have ever had. I 100% recommend this restaurant to anyone in the area, if you've never been. If you're a meat-eater like most in my family are, you will enjoy what the Emmitt House has to offer...just look out for the ghost of James Emmitt.... http://www.emmitthouse.com/ You can follow this link to see more photos from my mom's birthday.


Jeff said...

This is a great picture. Good eye!

mom said...

I love this picture and it was a really fun time!!