My garden

So this summer, I took my first stab at perennial gardening because I hate paying for flowers every single year. It has not quite turned out be the exciting, lush garden I had pictured in my mind. For example, my tulips began to bloom just as the last hard freeze of the season hit; dead instantly. Then I planted the wrong phlox and they only bloomed for the first week they were in the ground; bummer. As for my other flowers, I had hoped they would spread and fill in the large area. But, boy was I wrong......Instead they have come up in piles and the garden looks rather sparse.
Among my "piles" of flowers are Purple Coneflower - pictured. The silver lining to my whole perennial garden disaster, is that butterflies love my flowers. So, what a perfect opportunity to try out the macro setting on my camera. It isn't nearly as sharp as I had hoped for, but the colors in the morning sun turned out so beautifully, that I don't mind so much. In the meantime, I'm going to keep practicing my macro shots.


mom said...

What a great photo!!!Lovely summertime shot. Nothing like flowers and butterflies!!

Anonymous said...

The garden's not as bad as you make it out to be!

We'll do better next spring