.Old Man's Cave | Hocking Hills.

Yesterday we took advantage of the beautiful day and took a trip to Old Man's Cave in Hocking Hills for picture taking and hiking. The weather was PERFECT! I LOVE going to Old Man's Cave at any time of the year. It's beautiful in the snow, it's beautiful in the fall - it doesn't matter what time of year you go, you are sure to enjoy yourself.

Jeff and I took our Charlie with us, and he had the best day of his life- seriously. He waded in the creeks, he drank from the creeks, he got to smell lots of new things - it was a GREAT day for him. But by the end of the day, Jeff's arm was getting a bit of tired from Charlie constantly yanking from one direction to the next. Since we got Charlie at an older age, he pretty ha his own agenda every time he's outside. Regardless of where you want to lead him.

Here are a few of my edited pictures from the day. As I have more time to work on them, I will add more. ;o)

Have a great Sunday, everyone!


mom said...

Very nice and looks like a good time had by all!!!!

Dad said...

Good Pictures! Charlie looks a bit tuckered out?