Tonight I was working on black and white conversions in Photoshop. I had a little trouble getting my nephew's conversion to look true to life because he had been playing SO hard that day and had flushed cheeks. After decreasing the red tones in the photo, I was able to convert it and make it look much more natural.

I'll be seeing these darlings at their soccer games this weekend, along with their two big sisters.

By the way....the cute little puppy on my nephew's lap is Reese - my cousin and his girlfriend's new Maltese. Tiniest dog EVER!

Also, check out my husband's blog to see my "Locks of the Week" for this weekend's games.

edited 09.14.07 - I learned how to "burn the edges" and gave it a quick try in this photo. I like the way it draws you in to the main subject of the photo. What do you think?


mom said...

Those pictures are priceless!!!How sweet and precious they both look!!That was fun day. You did a great job capturing the look.