Congratulations Dad!!!!!

& Happy Retirement!

Today is the last day of work for my Dad, who has worked for Kenworth for the past 32 years! But for the past 45 years, he has been a member of the work force - starting out at just 15 years old! (you can do the math ;0) )

We are SO very happy for you Dad, and PROUD of you! We know you will make the most out of retirement and enjoy every day to its fullest!!!

Now it's time to live "the good life." We'll be celebrating at the beach in about 3 weeks!!!!

(from Charlie, too!)

ps - though I couldn't be there to take any photos this morning, I was lucky enough to receive this and a few others in an email this morning!!


Dad said...

Thanks Jenni. It was a good day!

mom said...

Sure looks like he had fun!!! I love that smile on his face!!!