Sharp as a tack!

I recently started taking photos of our office projects, to be used for marketing purposes, as part of my job. No, this is not a building that our office designed, this is my coffee table centerpiece!

In order to prepare myself for a real photo shoot, I did some practicing with the office camera. I LOVE this camera. It is a Nikon D70. I took this one inside our home around 10pm with the speedlight. Speedlights are fun little gadgets that can really make a difference when shooting in low light situations, rather than using the built in flash. You can bounce the flash off of various objects in the room, so the flash isn't displayed directly on your subject. Depending on what color you are bouncing the flash off of, can really make a difference to the tone and temperature of the end result. In this photo, I was bouncing the flash of our gold-toned painted walls. See how the photo has a nice warm, buttery tone to it?

Another great thing about this camera, I was able to focus on whatever I wanted. Autofocus can be so frustrating when it comes to doing macro shots, or when wanting to create a nice depth of field for the subject. I zeroed in on what I wanted to, adjusted the focus, and I was so pleased with the end!

I was mesmerized by this camera and the way it broadened my capabilities. Now I have to start saving up for one of my own. ;)


mom said...

Fansastic!! Great job!!