Happy New Year!

Who can't relate to busting their resolutions in one week? I know I've done it before. But not this year. I'm posting my resolutions here -where I can see them, and be reminded whenever needed. You can help hold me accountable.

1.) Accentuate the Positive.

2.) Eliminate the negative. A ha! Ties in with #1. But seriously, Who needs it? It's amazing how far attitude can get you in life even with things that are beyond your control. There's a whole book about the power of positive thinking. You can't always avoid or change what happens in life, but what you can ALWAYS control is yourself and how you react to challenges.

3.) Be a healthier person all around.

4.) Organize My Life. No longer will I be frantically searching through my purse for my keys, while grabbing coffee and a bagel, on my way out the door, to scarf down in my car, on my way to work. I'm going to manage my time better and be more organized in the mornings. Resulting in a less stressed positive outlook, on the day that lies before me.

Lots of love, health and HAPPINESS in 2008 to all!!!


Ps. What are your resolutions?


mom said...

What a calming photo...I feel like I could just walk out onto the beach.