I spent some time feeling angry and bitter about another National Championship loss, again, this year. While I'm still a little angry about it, because I know it will be a long time before we receive another invitiation to a Nat'l Championship game, I'm (at least) a little less bitter.

If you ever ask me what my favorite season is - I'll always reply "football season" I so look forward to it every year. For the last five years, the Buckeyes have had exciting, winning seasons and three trips to the big game. So I kind of feel like a spoiled brat for being so bitter.

Congratulations to Jim Tressel and the OSU team for a hard fought, well played season and thank you for the endless entertainment you've supplied for fans throughout the state (and country, for that matter) this year.

I'm already looking forward to next season, and the chance at another great run! Let's just hope they can get it together before Sept. 13. ;)

*In Tress we Trust*


Dad said...


Go Bucks!!

mom said...


I still love the buckeyes!!!