Desert Flowers

We heard from several people while we were in AZ, that it was a good time to visit. They apparently had gotten quite a bit of rain in the last few months, and the desert was in bloom and greener than it normally is this time of year.

I was just amazed to see flowers in bloom. After leaving Ohio in the middle of a snowstorm, it was a welcome change and helped get me excited for Spring.

I was going for somewhat of a less saturated, vintage feel to these. So, I was playing around with some different things in photoshop - adding textures and what not.....let me know what you think. :)





Anonymous said...

The only thing that could have made these anymore interesting is if there had been a bee or hummingbird around. These are beautiful!

Terry said...


The desert flowers truly are beautiful and amazing - you really captured them.

mom said...

How beautiful!! I love them all, but I think my favorite is the yellow flowers. The closeup is incredible!!