Where we were this weekend

We went to visit my sister and brother in law. The four of us made a little trip into the city and were able to catch up with some friends in Little Italy for dinner. We had a great time, and we always love visiting NYC.

These were taken with my point and shoot and are straight out of the camera - so they aren't the most artistic - but I still love them.

We had dinner at a little street cafe and there was a band in the intersection playing some jazz and then moved into some blues.

I snapped this one right before we got into the car to head home.

Jeff came across this link this morning, and suggested that I link to these on my site. The link is photos taken from space - they are incredible!! Enjoy!
Beautiful Photos from Space - TexasJim.com


mom said...

Very nice pictures especially the one at night...Sounds like a lot of fun!