Happy Birthday Grandma!

The day after Kelsie's first birthday photos, Jeff and I met my family at Rocky Fork Lake for my Grandma's 92nd Birthday Party.

Growing up, my family and I visited Rocky Fork Lake just about every weekend, especially in the summertime. My grandparents lived there and had a boat on the lake. We would spend the weekends, going for picnics, taking the boat on the lake and going for walks. It is such a beautiful area, and brought back so many great memories from my childhood.

So for Grandma's birthday, we decided to take her back. As a surprise, we rented a pontoon boat for the day and took her for a ride.

She was overjoyed! So were we, to see her out on the lake again.



Happiest Birthday and many more to come, to my beautiful Grandma Dorothy.


mom said...

Wonderful pictures Jenni..She will be proud of them,,especially the one of her smiling.She had a great time!!! and was really surprised!!
So fortundate we are to still have her a part of our lives!!92 and so young at heart!!!

Anonymous said...

YEAH Grandma Dorothy! I am so sorry I missed it. Weekends on the lake with grandma and grandpa are among my favorite memories in life. Thanks for sharing Jen.