waiting for snow

I'm waiting for this "massive snowstorm" we are supposed to be getting. Right now its just freezing rain....I can't wait to break out my camera when the snow starts falling. I say massive, but honestly, we'll be lucky if this rain changes over the snow at all....

Going through my archives, I found this one that I took back in the fall and realized that I never shared it. I think I was going to do some kind of silly back to school post for my nieces and nephew, but then....who knows what happened? It completely slipped my mind. So I'll share now.

Just playing around in our office one evening after work, I put this little darlin' together.




Anonymous said...

a little darlin'!

from a little darlin'!

nice work, little darlin'!

Anonymous said...

That's right "little darlin" Jeff!

By the way...nice apples.

mom said...

Love the photo!! "little darlin"