Mine On Monday - 7/12

A couple of blogs that I follow, feature a weekly post entitled "Mine on Monday" where they post a shot from the past week. I always enjoy reading them, and have decided to start doing these posts as well.

Every time I see this happy little face, my heart just melts. This is our daughter's 8 week picture. I'm taking a photo each week for her first year of life to put in a photo book for her first birthday. I can't believe how much she has grown and changed already. I try to take a shot that is indicative of something she does a lot during that particular week. This past week, she has been smiling and "talking" to us a lot after each of her feedings. I love this time of the day and try to absorb as much of it as I can.



Tom said...

What a sweetie!

Tom said...

Love, Love,Love her!!!Such a beautiful little girl!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photo!

Heath said...

Such a beautiful girl! I cant believe how much shes grown already. Her first birthday will be here before you know it! What a celebration that will be!