Hi there! My name is Jennifer Lehner and this my family.  My wonderful husband Jeff and our pride and joy, Layla.  Thank you so much for taking the time to view my blog.

I have been taking photos my entire life.

As a child I requested a disposable camera to take along on family vacations. I wanted to document our trips the way I saw them; photograph the details that no one else seemed to notice. I remember the pride I felt, as I showed my family the pictures I had taken. Pictures of them enjoying our vacation. Pictures of our hotel room where the one of the best week's our year was spent. Pictures of our messy family car, backseat filled with blankets, snacks and my siblings.

As an adult, in my final year at Ohio State, I took a photography class to fulfill a general education requirement. This was the first time I got my hands on an SLR. A film SLR. I remember the excitement I felt waiting for a roll of film to be developed. An excitement deep within my being that I hadn't felt since I was a child tearing into the vacation photos my mom had just picked up from the camera shop. Though I graduated from Ohio State over five years ago with a degree in another field, I am so thankful for that 4 credit hour class that reignited my excitement and helped me realize my passion.

I still experience that same excitement each time I come home from a shoot and sit down to open the digital files. I feel an overwhelming sense of pride when I send your gallery of images to you. Photography transcends time. I find it an absolute privilege to document your life being lived. Capturing memories never to be forgotten by you, your children and future generations.

I hope you enjoy viewing my work.  I look forward to the opportunity to photograph your family! Thanks again for stopping by!

* photo taken by my mom, Carolyn Stanhope